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Dear Parent, we have prepared a collection of questions that may be relevant to you, here you will find the answers to each of them! We want you to quickly find what you are looking for at your convenience. We have divided the questions into different categories for ease of use.

To enrol a child, go to www.footballacademy.pl and complete the enrolment form available on the website. Step 1 – SELECT THE BRANCH 👉 On the interactive map of Poland, select the province and then the city you are interested in. Step 2 – INFORMATION ABOUT THE PARENT /GUARDIAN 👉 In this step, enter the most important login details, i.e. name, phone and email address. Here we also set a password, which should contain min. 8 characters, including lower case, upper case, numerical and special characters. Step 3 – ADDRESS DETAILS 👉 Here you should give your address. Step 4 – CHILD’S PERSONAL DETAILS 👉 The parent/guardian gives the name and surname and the date of birth of the child on the registration form. ❗Important❗ Please note that only one child’s personal details can be given on the form, but personal details of a subsequent child can be added straight from the management panel. Step 5 – REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION 👉 The last step is to confirm having read the Terms and Conditions by giving consents to them. Additionally, for the record purposes only, there is a question asking how the parent learnt about Football Academy. After completing the subscription form, a link to activate the account in the system and a welcome SMS will be sent to the provided email address. After entering the management panel, the parent/guardian will have to complete additional information about the child, such as Passport Number, information about which school the child attends, whether he/she has got any allergies or other needs.

Of course, the school is also open for girls. If a small number of young female footballers register, then they will join the group with boys of the appropriate age.

Of course, the 4-year limit is conventional, the most important thing is at what stage of the physical development the child is and whether they will manage in the classes. We encourage children to take part a free trial sessions, following which the final decision can be made. The FA coach will also express their opinion on the child’s potential.

There is no such need, the classes are completely recreational. However, if preferred, please feel free to visit your GP, and if they advise as appropriate making any necessary referral to a specialist.

After deciding to participate in the classes, a payment request will be issued, which will be received by e-mail to the address provided in the application. Apart from the e-mail message, a text message confirming the issuance of such payment request will also be sent. Please note: The first month’s invoice will not include the trial training sessions. Payment for training is to be made within 7 days from issuing the payment request.

No, payments are ONLY in the form of transfers to the bank account indicated on the pro forma invoice. Payments can be made via our website as e-payment or by traditional transfer from your bank account.

After making a payment, a VAT invoice will be sent to the e-mail address. Each parent/guardian can manage their payments and invoices after logging into the Parent's Zone at www.footballacademy.pl.

Yes, payment for training is a kind of subscription for classes. We allow half the fee to be reduced only when the child has not attended any classes in a given month, provided it was reported to the Centre Manager before the start of the month.

No. We allow the possibility of cancelling one training sessions in a given month (but not more than 2-3 times a year) due to bad weather and without the obligation to make up for such training. However, where a training session has been cancelled for reasons attributable to Football Academy, it must be completed at another date.

When showers - no, the training is carried out normally. However, if it is heavy rainfall, the Manager has the right to cancel the training session. In this situation, each Parent will receive a message with information about such cancellation.

If the training takes place in indoor, shorts, a t-shirt and sports shoes on a flat sole are enough. If the training takes place outside, the outfit should be suitable for the weather conditions. In this case, sports shoes also apply but please note for artificial grass, only firm ground football boots with short plastic studs are allowed, for outdoor and indoor pitches.

If a child joins the school on a permanent basis, they must wear the official Football Academy kit that every player should have. Such kit can be purchased through the centre manager.

Sports shoes with a flat sole for the indoor sports hall or footwear suitable to play on artificial grass. Please note for artificial grass only firm ground boots with short plastic studs are allowed.

No, all necessary equipment is provided by FA.

Football Academy only works with people who have appropriate qualifications required by law. The coaches' profiles are published on www.footballacademy.pl in the tab of our branch --> football school --> manager.

In Poland, FA classes are usually divided into two periods: summer (April-September) and winter (October-March). In the summer we train at outdoor enclosed pitches, whilst in the winter training is usually indoor at a sports hall or dedicated football centre. The decision on the place of training is taken by the centre manager or coach.

Yes, if the organizational conditions allow it. In some locations there is no place for spectators, but in most facilities there are designated or suitable areas to watch from. Please Note: Parents/guardians may not enter the playing area during training.

Yes, as agreed when registering but not for commercial purposes and local regulations need to be adhered.

Yes, all players in Poland are covered by PZU SPORT insurance policy and in other countries similar policies are required provided the condition for insurance is met by timely completion of the online application form.

The entire procedure is described at https://footballacademy.pl/rodzic/bezpieczenstwo/The most important thing is to complete the claim notification form and send it to the following e-mail address: pzu@footballacademy.pl following treatment.

Yes. Football Academy runs its own football shop - FA Shop. At www.fa-shop.pl you can see all available products. You can buy products both through the Manager or directly - via the FA Shop.

Yes. If the child does not want to attend training or has found a new passion, you can cancel the classes at any time by sending an email to the manager of the centre. Such resignation becomes effective at the end of the month in which it is made.