Misja Football Academy

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We want our children to get exactly what we dream about

In our soccer schools every student has got a chance to become successful. By educating and training young players how to play football we build their strength and sense of responsibility.

When enrolling your child on to Football Academy you can be sure that your child will attend training at the highest level.

Excellent contact of FA coaches with parents ensures information flow on the child’s progress and gives the opportunity to develop in the respective fields.

Football Academy training is a great opportunity to encourage children to be active. Young players will learn in practice football techniques and teamwork, which is essential on the pitch.

Training for young professionals is not only a great incentive to practise sport but also investment in their creativity on the pitch and in everyday life.

Through contact with football, children can learn appropriate behaviour and understand the idea of fair play, as a result, acquire skills to solve problems as they arise.

See you at training